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It’s been a while!!

Decided it was time for a new look as the black depressed me everytime I opened the site. I must stress that pink in no way means I’m having a girl, although my sister thinks I am :o)

Since the last time I updated I’ve been to see the midwife for my booking-in appointment. It went okay, she just asked loads of health related questions and some relating to religion. She tried 3 times to take blood but was unable to so I’ve been to the phlebotomist to have blood taken and she managed just fine. The midwife said it’s usually very easy to get blood from a pregnant lady, but not this one it seems!

I got the date in for my 12 week scan and I’m due to go next Monday 26 March. We were both really excited to get the letter so can only imagine how we’ll be on the day. It can’t come quick enough as now that I’m not feeling as nauseous I’ve started to think that maybe the baby has stopped growing and was even tempted to take a HPT this morning :o)

I’ve not seen Pascal (acupuncturist) for over a week now but back tonight, looking forward to that too. Hopefully he’ll be able to tell from my pulse that baby is still there and well (well any kind of reassurance would be appreciated).

I’ve bought a pair of maternity jeans and a pair of trousers as I’m really struggling to get the button fastened on work trousers now, that and shirts. I’m bursting out of them now as I’ve gone up 4 cup sizes already..I’m a staggering 38G!! I hadn’t planned on changing my wardrobe quite so soon but needs must! :o)

My friend K had ER last Friday and ET on Monday there. She is quite down as the 2 eggs they transfered weren’t as good a grade as she’d hoped. Keeping everying crossed for her as this is now her 4th time and her cousin has recently given birth (although conceived through IVF) and it must pray on her mind.

One of my cousins had a wee girl a few weeks ago and I knitted her a wee cardigan. I also knitted some other baby things for my friend AC who knows she is having a boy in the summer.

I need to finish off a cardigan I’m knitting for my nephew then it’s on to knitting things for my baby…it’s been a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to it.


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First the good news…

There really is a baby growing inside me! :o)

There was a heartbeat which I couldn’t see but DH and the nurse both saw it blinking away.

The baby is measuring at 7 weeks 2 days so I didn’t ovulate when I thought, in fact DH’s little swimmers stuck around for 4 days (until Valentine’s Day) to fertilise one of my eggs. Which matches perfectly with the spotting I had, I wonder if this was conception??

So no wonder all those HPT’s came back negative, it was too early to test. I was only 12DPO when I had the wine that night, if I’d known I was only 12 DPO I’d never have had that wine but still, can’t change that now.

I didn’t get a scan photo but I’ll get one next week and will post it for all to see :o)

Now the bad news…

When the nurse took the wand out (did I say it was an internal scan?) there was blood!

Of course my heart sank, mind you it did have a high height to fall, as I’d just been told everything looked perfect.

The nurse asked if I’d had any cramps this morning, prior to the scan, which I didn’t and I’d just been to the loo 2 mins before the scan and there was no blood.

After getting dressed she got me to sit down and explained that it was probably cervical bleeding, ie just the outside of the cervix and that the blood probably wasn’t coming from my womb as the scan didn’t show any blood outside the sac, ie in the womb.

I don’t know if it was because the dread and fear were so evident on my face but she asked me if I’d like her to have a look at my cervix. Of course I jumped at the chance (and was so glad the bleeding had happened in front of her eyes!).

Boy this one hurt! It was just like getting a smear test and she did actually take a smear as a precaution as I’m due a smear anyway. She said by looking at it that the blood was definitely coming from the cervix and not from inside my womb…phew!!

So I’ve to go back next week for an external scan this time, she reckons the probe might have irritated the cervix and because I’ll be a week further on in my pregnancy (fingers and toes crossed) the external scan will pick up the baby fine this time.

She is going to speak to her colleagues who know more about this, as she is a fertility nurse I suppose, and will tell me what they think next week.

I had plans to tell family and friends today but I’m going to leave it until next week now. We’re not going to tell my step-daughter until next week either.

I’ve checked the net and others have suffered from this, sometimes it can be diagnosed as Cervical Erosion. Intercourse can cause bleeding and 2 girls from work had this, so I’m hoping it’s just that my cervix is very sensitive to being “touched” at the minute :-s

Stick button stick!!!!

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Scan 2moro

The first time I’ll ever “see” my baby might be 2moro morning and I’m filled with both dread and excitement.

I’m scared that all the hopes and dreams I’ve had over the past 3 weeks will be shattered, that there’ll be nothing on that screen.

But I’m also so excited that I’ll see a tiny fluttering heartbeat and my heart will melt and will never ever be the same again!!!

Until 2moro…

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