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It’s been a while since my last update and I’m pleased to say my pregnancy is going great.

The nausea has passed (thankfully) and I’m feeling remarkably normal, very un-pregnant like!!

Apart from having the cold for the past couple of days I’m feeling fine…long may it continue as I know I’m very lucky as some women are sick the whole 9 months.

That’s me 15 weeks now, ony 25 to go and I’m now starting to get a real bump. For the past couple of weeks I just looked like I’d eaten too much :o)

I’ve got my second midwife appointment next week which I’m really looking forward to as I should get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I did nearly get a doppler thing from the net but a friend told me she made herself ill when she tried to find the baby’s heartbeat herself and couldn’t. As I’m such a worrier I think it’s best I don’t bother with this one.

I’ve written a shopping list and it’s a long one!! It’s great though and feels a bit like Christmas time looking through the Argos book picking all the things you’d really like from Santa :o) I’ve picked my “big” things already, ie the pram, nursery furniture, cot, moses basket and baby monitor. I’m not going to buy anything though, I’m going to wait until after the 20 week scan (24 June) but it’s so hard! We did actually buy a steriliser which was on offer as part of Asda’s baby week and I do feel a bit weird having it in the house but I’ve hidden the box so I can’t see that will make any difference!!! :o)

I’ve started knitting baby things too, usually I knit for other people’s babies but it’s great knowing the things I’m knitting will one day (in the not too distant future) be worn by my own baby.

I’ve knitted 2 hats in cream, one is a premature one only because my sister struggled to get hats to fit her wee boy when he was first born. I must have knitted about 5 trying to get the correct size!

I’ve also started knitting a blanket, just a plain one but in gorgeous soft wool. My next project will be a couple of wee cardigans and then I’m going to try to knit a shawl, a pattern I got from Jan from Australia (it’s gorgeous).

I was at a friends daughters birthday party yesterday at a soft play area and it was full (obviously) of kids but one girl I know has a 15 week old baby and I just know I’d have struggled if I wasn’t pregnant myself. Mind you seeing the baby kinda freaked my out a bit, it was like a reality check “I really am going to have one of those” moments!! :o)

I got talking to another friend whose sister has just been through her first IVF cycle and it failed. She like me got her period before she could take a test and is obviously devastated. I’ve told my friend to pass on my details to her sister as it really helped me talking to someone who’d been through it too. She was also told that Clomid wouldn’t be helpful and was told IVF is her only option. I said that it might be worth mentioning to her GP again because that’s what worked for us. I’ll keep you posted.

My friend K has also just been through her 4th IVF cycle (at the same clinic as the girl mentioned above) and unfortunately it failed again, she is absolutely devastated and is never far from my thoughts.

I know how unbelievably lucky I am x

I still see magpie’s all the time, at least once a day and the majority of the time there is only one. Now though I do look at them differently and think that they are there to keep an eye on me  and the bump (only since Jan’s lovely story though)!

I did however see 5 in a tree when looking out my kitchen window the other week and it means silver  aparently…not received any silver yet but I took it as a very good sign!!

  1. for sorrow
  2. for joy
  3. for a girl and
  4. for a boy
  5. for silver
  6. for gold
  7. is a secret never to be told
  8. is a wish
  9. is a kiss
  10. is a bird you must not miss

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The shock!

I found out 2 days ago that I’m going to be a Mum and I am still struggling to believe it’s true. What if those tests I took on Thursday are wrong?

My Mum tells me that you can get a false negative but never a false positive (I’m therefore assuming that I got a false negative when I took a test when I was 16 DPO, surely!). I was 22 DPO when I got these positive results above, 22 days! I did my first test at 9 DPO although I knew it was far too early but I didn’t think I’d have to wait another 13 days to get a BFP!

I have longed to be a Mum since 2005 when I can remember the first time I felt broody.

At this very minute there is a tiny baby growing inside my tummy… it’s so surreal! :-)

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Infertility and me!

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20 week scan

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