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12 week scan

I had my 12 week scan this morning and I’m glad to report all is fine :o)

12 week scan photoThe baby kept moving about and wouldn’t lie still to have it’s “photo” taken!

It was also kicking and waving away and it was so strange to watch it and not feel anything. You’d think you’d be able to feel something and it was difficult to believe it really was all happening inside my tummy even though I couldn’t feel it :o)

We were also lucky as the sonographer was training to carry out Nuchal Fold scans in the future and asked if we’d mind if she took a few moments to take some extra measurements for training purposes. Of course I jumped at the chance as a friend had to pay for this scan at a private clinic.

I think the measurements were 0.10cm and 0.12cm, as she measured the same area a few times. I’ve since checked with Dr Google and this is a low risk measurement for Down’s Syndrome. I’m so relieved as I’m not going to have the blood screening tests at 16 weeks, I’m such a worrier and don’t need the added stress. My friend was told she had a high risk of having a baby with Down’s and she worried the whole of her pregnancy only to go on and give birth to a perfectly healthy wee girl.

We also met with another midwife directly after the scan and she gave me away my case notes and told me I must take them wherever I go. I didn’t want to ask but will I need to take them with me to work? Or take them and leave them in the car at least? It was good getting to read all the notes as I’m a bit of a nosey parker!! Next appointment with the midwife will be at 16 weeks then I’ve to go back for a 20 week scan on 24 June (only 59 days to go…yes I’ve downloaded an app for my iPhone which counts down various dates so I can check at any time…so sad I know ;o))

I don’t like referring to my baby as “it” but it’s hard when we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. However, as my DH and I call him/her “eeny bambeeny” that’s what I’ll call my bump from now on :o)

Eeny bambeeny it was so nice to see you moving about, kicking and waving…only 193 days (or there abouts) to wait until I get to kiss your beautiful face x


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20 week scan

20 week scan

12 week scan

12 week scan photo
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