Half way there!

18 June 2010 burkey0906

I can’t believe I’m 20 weeks already, it’s such a great feeling :o)

So that’s me half way there, I’ve been told that time will start to fly in now and I’ll have my baby in my arms before I know it. Fingers crossed it does…

I’ve started to feel the baby move too which is mind blowing. At first I thought I had wind, it honestly feels like gas bubbles!

Last night though the baby moved and pressed hard against my tummy skin and DH was able to feel it…it was so great :o) It did just feel like a hard lump but at least it was something DH could share too!!

My bump is really here too and now at least I think I do look pregnant and not just fat:

19 week bump

19 week bump

16 week bump

16 weeks

I’ve got my 20 week scan next Thursday 24th and I’ll post updates and new scan photo :o)

I’ve just had a bit of a scare, been to the ladies and I’ve got some spotting. I did have a wee bit of spotting at the beginning at 7 weeks after an internal scan but worried as to what is causing this. Although I do know that spotting is common when you suffer from cervical errosion. I called my midwife but she’s out the office now until Monday and her voicemail instructs to call the hospital. I’m not going to do that yet, I’ll wait and see how it goes and if it gets any worse or doesn’t stop I’ll def give them a phone.


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20 week scan

20 week scan

12 week scan

12 week scan photo
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