Bad luck?

9 April 2010 burkey0906

I keep seeing magpies, well only single magpies to be exact and it’s getting me spooked as I’ve always thought it was bad luck for a magpie not to be seen with it’s parter.

I told DH about this and he told me not to be daft. He says as it’s mating season I’d only see one at a time as the other is likely to be in the nest. I don’t know if this is true or not but it did help me feel better for a little while :o)

Why there’s got to be signs I don’t know… but I do look for them!!


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  • 1. Jan  |  12 April 2010 at 11.39 pm

    Morning over there!! Always read the signs, but look only for the good ones!

    Magpies are birds that always bring to me a sense of wellbeing.

    My fondest memories are waking on my grandmother’s farm and hearing the maggies warbling the morning in. The mist would be low over the paddocks and the cattle would be head down eating the crisp cool grass before the hot sun came up to start the day. The maggies would chortle and chat to each other and all would be calm and serene, with me in my bed and my grandma out in the kitchen cooking breakfast and the men having a quiet cuppa on the verandah before heading out to work the farm.

    Even now we live in a farming area and the maggies bring their babies in each morning for breakfast and pass the time of day. They have baths in the bird bath and warble and chortle to us as we sit on the verandah. Over time they become quite tame and we hand feed the occassional one. We introduced our grandaughter (2) to “Mrs Magpie” when she came up last time, and made it her “job” to feed Mrs Magpie each morning – something she takes far too seriously as she was up at 5:30 coming in and waking us to “yum yums for mrs mags”

    Did you know they are very family orientated and so i believe are on baby watch with you! So greet them, tell then how things are going, and be assured that that one will tell the rest and they will all be wathcing over you.

    That’s enough ramblings for one morning.

    Keep well and take care!

    • 2. burkey0906  |  13 April 2010 at 8.51 am

      Oh Jan, what a lovely story and one that has surely changed my view of magpies. I’m sitting here at work blinking back the tears. :o)

      Thanks once again for lifting my spirits and making me feel better, if only I could give you a hug xx

  • 3. A Pregnant Infertile&hellip  |  14 May 2010 at 10.41 am

    […] I still see magpie’s all the time, at least once a day and the majority of the time there is only one. Now though I do look at them differently and think that they are there to keep an eye on me (only since Jan’s lovely story). […]

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