A baby is born!

I’m a Mum :)

My beautiful baby boy Boyd was born 4 weeks ago today (Sat 13 Nov) at 06:35 weighing 7lb 1oz.

Thankfully labour wasn’t as bad as some of the horror stories I’d heard over the last 9 months. Boyd was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck which was pretty scary but it’s quite common apparently!

I hope you too get the chance to experience the amazing journey of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story.



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One year after IVF…

This date last year I was at Little France getting blood taken for a pregnancy test after an agonising wait after ET, and here I am with only one week to my due date (I’m 39 weeks pregnant and could only have hoped to have been in this position last year).

I know I am so lucky and so glad that we didn’t have to go through IVF again, but if we needed to, you bet I’d have gone through it again.

I’ve finished work on maternity leave and I won’t be back for 14 months (I’ll not work a single day in 2011…how great)! And I can’t believe it’s only 1 week to my due date, it seems some days it’s crept in and other days time is just flying past.

Last year when going through IVF I did think “this time next year I might have a 3 month old” but when I learned IVF hadn’t worked I despaired that I’d never be lucky enough to know what it would feel like to have my very own baby growing inside me. There are still times when it hits me that I am pregnant, that it is really happening. A friend of a friend who gave birth to a little girl after her 1st IVF treatment said the reality of actually having a baby didn’t hit her until the midwife put her baby in her arms. I think I may feel like that too. Even though I take great comfort every time bambino moves I still find it strange to think there really is a little person in there making all those kicks and punches :o)

My other blog “Infertility and Me” proved really helpful and was a great source of comfort, especially from the friends I’ve met through it, but I didn’t feel the need to write about my pregnancy experience as much as I thought I would have…hence the massive gap in communication.

The next time I’ll update this site is when our baby is here…OMG how amazing is that!! :o)

To everyone who has read any of my posts, thanks and to my online friends you mean more to me than you can imagine.

To others who are struggling with infertility, I understand your despair but hope and pray you can take some hope/belief from my story that one day it could happen to you.


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Light relief!

Luckily the spotting stopped on Friday afternoon and I haven’t had any since. Big sigh of relief, long may it continue!!

My niece who is 2½ years old told her Gran that I’m having a boy baby. My M-I-L was trying to explain why big girls use the toilet (as they are trying to potty train her) and why babies don’t as they’re too small (that’s why they pee in their pants says she!). My M-I-L told my neice that she’d understand once aunty Carole’s baby came along. My niece said “but aunty Carole won’t have a baby like me”, to which my M-I-L asked why. My niece replied “because I’m a girl baby and aunty Carole is having a boy baby!!” :o) Only 19 more weeks and we’ll know if she’s psychic!

My sister told my nephew to be very careful when climbing about me as “aunty Carole has a baby in her tummy”. My nephew (who is 22 months) pulled up my top, found my belly button, poked at it with his finger and said “in there”? :o) Although he has made a few mistakes recently and has been known to point at my boobs and say “baby in there”! Mind you the size they’re getting he might just be on to something!! :o)

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Half way there!

I can’t believe I’m 20 weeks already, it’s such a great feeling :o)

So that’s me half way there, I’ve been told that time will start to fly in now and I’ll have my baby in my arms before I know it. Fingers crossed it does…

I’ve started to feel the baby move too which is mind blowing. At first I thought I had wind, it honestly feels like gas bubbles!

Last night though the baby moved and pressed hard against my tummy skin and DH was able to feel it…it was so great :o) It did just feel like a hard lump but at least it was something DH could share too!!

My bump is really here too and now at least I think I do look pregnant and not just fat:

19 week bump

19 week bump

16 week bump

16 weeks

I’ve got my 20 week scan next Thursday 24th and I’ll post updates and new scan photo :o)

I’ve just had a bit of a scare, been to the ladies and I’ve got some spotting. I did have a wee bit of spotting at the beginning at 7 weeks after an internal scan but worried as to what is causing this. Although I do know that spotting is common when you suffer from cervical errosion. I called my midwife but she’s out the office now until Monday and her voicemail instructs to call the hospital. I’m not going to do that yet, I’ll wait and see how it goes and if it gets any worse or doesn’t stop I’ll def give them a phone.

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My DH is a grave digger and today he’s burying a baby.

The mother had blood tests taken when she was 16 weeks pregnant and due to positive results she then went for an ultrasound scan where they saw the baby’s brain wasn’t developing properly and it had other complications. The parents made the agonising decision to terminate the pregnancy at 19 weeks.

It’s my poor DH’s birthday today and he’s burying a baby that is only 2 weeks further along than ours is today… it’s heartbreaking. He tells me that he can’t allow himself to compare other families situations to our own otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do his job.

He copes with these situations remarkably well, I love that he has the strength to help these poor families at the most difficult times in their lives.

DH I love you x

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I had my 16 week appointment with the midwife this morning and we heard the baby’s heartbeat!! :o)

It was great, I’ve recorded it on my phone to let family and friends hear it too, only if they want to that is, don’t want to be one of those pushy mothers already!!! :o)

The midwife also measured my bump and it measured 15cm which she says is the equivalent to 15 weeks. She said not to panic as they allow for 3cm’s of a difference either way…phew!

I was really excited about this appointment because I knew I’d get to hear the heartbeat but last night I started to dread it. I didn’t bounce out of bed this morning as you might expect. I was dreading it in case the midwife told me there was no heartbeat, even though my sister told me beforehand that they do say even though they can’t hear the heartbeat doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Will the worry ever end?? My Mum says no, I’m 35 this year and she still worries about me! But it’s what I signed up for and maybe just need to try and relax a bit more. My other fear is that I’m going to have a disabled child and feel like I’m preparing myself so I won’t be shocked at the birth. I wonder if all pregnant woman fear this? My fear of this started many years ago even when I wasn’t even thinking about motherhood.

I could have had a blood test taken today for Downs Syndrome and Spina Bifida but I declined it. If the results came back positive I just couldn’t see myself having an abortion, so figured what’s the point of knowing. Maybe to be prepared I suppose but even if the results came back negative I’d question them and think it was a false negative…I really do think too much for my own good!!!

On the way in to work from the midwife this morning I saw one magpie and had just said “good morning mr magpie” and had my usual, “of course only the one as usual” thought when I saw another and then another. All 3 were lined up at the side of the road and appeared one at a time as I drove along… it’s a sign!! It’s going to be a girl!! :o)

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It’s been a while since my last update and I’m pleased to say my pregnancy is going great.

The nausea has passed (thankfully) and I’m feeling remarkably normal, very un-pregnant like!!

Apart from having the cold for the past couple of days I’m feeling fine…long may it continue as I know I’m very lucky as some women are sick the whole 9 months.

That’s me 15 weeks now, ony 25 to go and I’m now starting to get a real bump. For the past couple of weeks I just looked like I’d eaten too much :o)

I’ve got my second midwife appointment next week which I’m really looking forward to as I should get to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I did nearly get a doppler thing from the net but a friend told me she made herself ill when she tried to find the baby’s heartbeat herself and couldn’t. As I’m such a worrier I think it’s best I don’t bother with this one.

I’ve written a shopping list and it’s a long one!! It’s great though and feels a bit like Christmas time looking through the Argos book picking all the things you’d really like from Santa :o) I’ve picked my “big” things already, ie the pram, nursery furniture, cot, moses basket and baby monitor. I’m not going to buy anything though, I’m going to wait until after the 20 week scan (24 June) but it’s so hard! We did actually buy a steriliser which was on offer as part of Asda’s baby week and I do feel a bit weird having it in the house but I’ve hidden the box so I can’t see it..like that will make any difference!!! :o)

I’ve started knitting baby things too, usually I knit for other people’s babies but it’s great knowing the things I’m knitting will one day (in the not too distant future) be worn by my own baby.

I’ve knitted 2 hats in cream, one is a premature one only because my sister struggled to get hats to fit her wee boy when he was first born. I must have knitted about 5 trying to get the correct size!

I’ve also started knitting a blanket, just a plain one but in gorgeous soft wool. My next project will be a couple of wee cardigans and then I’m going to try to knit a shawl, a pattern I got from Jan from Australia (it’s gorgeous).

I was at a friends daughters birthday party yesterday at a soft play area and it was full (obviously) of kids but one girl I know has a 15 week old baby and I just know I’d have struggled if I wasn’t pregnant myself. Mind you seeing the baby kinda freaked my out a bit, it was like a reality check “I really am going to have one of those” moments!! :o)

I got talking to another friend whose sister has just been through her first IVF cycle and it failed. She like me got her period before she could take a test and is obviously devastated. I’ve told my friend to pass on my details to her sister as it really helped me talking to someone who’d been through it too. She was also told that Clomid wouldn’t be helpful and was told IVF is her only option. I said that it might be worth mentioning to her GP again because that’s what worked for us. I’ll keep you posted.

My friend K has also just been through her 4th IVF cycle (at the same clinic as the girl mentioned above) and unfortunately it failed again, she is absolutely devastated and is never far from my thoughts.

I know how unbelievably lucky I am x

I still see magpie’s all the time, at least once a day and the majority of the time there is only one. Now though I do look at them differently and think that they are there to keep an eye on me  and the bump (only since Jan’s lovely story though)!

I did however see 5 in a tree when looking out my kitchen window the other week and it means silver  aparently…not received any silver yet but I took it as a very good sign!!

  1. for sorrow
  2. for joy
  3. for a girl and
  4. for a boy
  5. for silver
  6. for gold
  7. is a secret never to be told
  8. is a wish
  9. is a kiss
  10. is a bird you must not miss

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12 week scan

I had my 12 week scan this morning and I’m glad to report all is fine :o)

12 week scan photoThe baby kept moving about and wouldn’t lie still to have it’s “photo” taken!

It was also kicking and waving away and it was so strange to watch it and not feel anything. You’d think you’d be able to feel something and it was difficult to believe it really was all happening inside my tummy even though I couldn’t feel it :o)

We were also lucky as the sonographer was training to carry out Nuchal Fold scans in the future and asked if we’d mind if she took a few moments to take some extra measurements for training purposes. Of course I jumped at the chance as a friend had to pay for this scan at a private clinic.

I think the measurements were 0.10cm and 0.12cm, as she measured the same area a few times. I’ve since checked with Dr Google and this is a low risk measurement for Down’s Syndrome. I’m so relieved as I’m not going to have the blood screening tests at 16 weeks, I’m such a worrier and don’t need the added stress. My friend was told she had a high risk of having a baby with Down’s and she worried the whole of her pregnancy only to go on and give birth to a perfectly healthy wee girl.

We also met with another midwife directly after the scan and she gave me away my case notes and told me I must take them wherever I go. I didn’t want to ask but will I need to take them with me to work? Or take them and leave them in the car at least? It was good getting to read all the notes as I’m a bit of a nosey parker!! Next appointment with the midwife will be at 16 weeks then I’ve to go back for a 20 week scan on 24 June (only 59 days to go…yes I’ve downloaded an app for my iPhone which counts down various dates so I can check at any time…so sad I know ;o))

I don’t like referring to my baby as “it” but it’s hard when we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl. However, as my DH and I call him/her “eeny bambeeny” that’s what I’ll call my bump from now on :o)

Eeny bambeeny it was so nice to see you moving about, kicking and waving…only 193 days (or there abouts) to wait until I get to kiss your beautiful face x

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It’s been a while!!

Decided it was time for a new look as the black depressed me everytime I opened the site. I must stress that pink in no way means I’m having a girl, although my sister thinks I am :o)

Since the last time I updated I’ve been to see the midwife for my booking-in appointment. It went okay, she just asked loads of health related questions and some relating to religion. She tried 3 times to take blood but was unable to so I’ve been to the phlebotomist to have blood taken and she managed just fine. The midwife said it’s usually very easy to get blood from a pregnant lady, but not this one it seems!

I got the date in for my 12 week scan and I’m due to go next Monday 26 March. We were both really excited to get the letter so can only imagine how we’ll be on the day. It can’t come quick enough as now that I’m not feeling as nauseous I’ve started to think that maybe the baby has stopped growing and was even tempted to take a HPT this morning :o)

I’ve not seen Pascal (acupuncturist) for over a week now but back tonight, looking forward to that too. Hopefully he’ll be able to tell from my pulse that baby is still there and well (well any kind of reassurance would be appreciated).

I’ve bought a pair of maternity jeans and a pair of trousers as I’m really struggling to get the button fastened on work trousers now, that and shirts. I’m bursting out of them now as I’ve gone up 4 cup sizes already..I’m a staggering 38G!! I hadn’t planned on changing my wardrobe quite so soon but needs must! :o)

My friend K had ER last Friday and ET on Monday there. She is quite down as the 2 eggs they transfered weren’t as good a grade as she’d hoped. Keeping everying crossed for her as this is now her 4th time and her cousin has recently given birth (although conceived through IVF) and it must pray on her mind.

One of my cousins had a wee girl a few weeks ago and I knitted her a wee cardigan. I also knitted some other baby things for my friend AC who knows she is having a boy in the summer.

I need to finish off a cardigan I’m knitting for my nephew then it’s on to knitting things for my baby…it’s been a long time coming and I’m really looking forward to it.

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Bad luck?

I keep seeing magpies, well only single magpies to be exact and it’s getting me spooked as I’ve always thought it was bad luck for a magpie not to be seen with it’s parter.

I told DH about this and he told me not to be daft. He says as it’s mating season I’d only see one at a time as the other is likely to be in the nest. I don’t know if this is true or not but it did help me feel better for a little while :o)

Why there’s got to be signs I don’t know… but I do look for them!!

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20 week scan

20 week scan

12 week scan

12 week scan photo
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